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Straws Replacement for Hydroflask Wide Mouth Bottle Straw Lid, 4 BPA-FREE Straws and 4 Straw Cleaning Brushes

Shading: 5 Pack Straws + Brushes

Made with excellent sustenance grade plastic, BPA-Free and protection from hot and cold fluid.


Each request accompanies 5 bits of straws and 5 bits of treated steel straw brushes, immaculate to impart to loved ones, or reserve as back up.

Configuration to fit Hydro Flask wide mouth straw covers, just as other wide mouth straw covers with 2.2" mouth distance across.


Straws should be sliced to accommodate your container, if you don’t mind counsel with our straw cutting aide in the display.

Hazard free Purchase: We are so sure with our items that we can offer an unlimited return guarantee in the event that you are not 100% content with your buy inside a 3 months time frame. Basically get in touch with us through Amazon on the off chance that you have any inquiries or issues and we are constantly here to serve.You will got a lot of 5 straws and 5 straw cleaner brushes in each request, bounty to impart to loved ones, or stock them as back up.


The most effective method to Clean Your Hydro Flask Straw Properly

Wash the straw decently well under high temp water, at that point wet the straw cleaner brush. Rub a touch of dish cleanser onto the straw cleaner brush until it gets sudsy, at that point drive it forward and backward through the straw to evacuate refreshment flotsam and jetsam. When you feel within is adequately scratched, wash the remainder of the straw with cleanser and water.


Incorporates 4 silicone straws and 4 straw cleaning brushes

Straws are both BPA FREE and TOXIN FREE

Straws need be sliced to accommodate your precise water bottle limit

Fits hydro wide mouth jar container straw cover

Note: These are outsider substitution straws

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