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Hydro Flask Tag Along Bottle Sling

HYDRATION ON THE GO: Available in two sizes that take into account the 12 oz to 40 oz container sizes. Additionally incorporates a pocket for every one of the fundamentals, regardless of whether it be keys, Mastercards, or different assets.

Adaptable DESIGN: Fully movable, extend woven lash can be either worn over the body or persisted the shoulder. This take into consideration an open to conveying alternative whether you are on a climb or simply out for a walk.


Solidness: The sling highlights welded webbing innovation and incorporates connection mounts that take into account additional sturdiness.

Brilliant CONSTRUCTION: Features Polymax 420D nylon upper and mm EVA froth with 400D liner.


Long haul COVERAGE: Covered under a 5 Year Warranty that will ensure your fulfillment is ensured for a considerable length of time to come.

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When you’re in a hurry, now and then you need a free hand. Or on the other hand two. Our new Bottle Sling gives you a chance to move unreservedly while easily conveying your fundamentals. Made with sturdy, waterproof texture and EVA froth to shield your jug from the components, the Sling highlights a stretch-woven capacity pocket to hold your keys, Visas, and other absolute necessities. With a completely customizable, extend woven Sliplok shoulder tie, the Bottle Sling can be worn over the body or over the shoulder, flawless whether you’re out for a climb or brief nightfall walk.


Love this!

I purchased directly after I dropped my cup since I was conveying such a large number of things on the double.


With the Sling I simply toss it in like a satchel and I don’t need to stress over dropping it.

Regardless of whether I’m going around the distribution center or Disneyland I have my water with me when I need it.


I take my hydroflask otherwise known as my child wherever with me so I can remain hydrated throughout the day. This sling makes it much simpler! When I go climbing, running errands, or shopping for food I take this with me. I simply put my ID and charge card in the zipper pack (can fit up to 4 cards), and after that clasp my keys to the side and I’m ready!! I needed to drink more water for the duration of the day and this unquestionably made a difference!!

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