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Hydro Flask Lids & Straw Accessories

In the event that the stock top for the Hydro Flask isn’t exactly cutting it for you, don’t fuss, there are a lot of alternatives. Be cautious when choosing a Hydro Flask cover to ensure you are getting the one for the best possible kind of mouth, that is wide-mouth or restricted/standard-mouth. The qualification will be made unmistakably in the item name.One of the most prominent kinds of top is the Wide Mouth Straw Lid (~$16 on The Straw Lid totally replaces the customary cover with a spring up straw that makes access to the substance of your Hydro Flask simple as pie. A lot less complex than tinkering with any screw-on cover, the straw top is for all intents and purposes an absolute necessity have for any wide-mouth Hydro Flask.

Another clever straw alternative accessible for the 21-ounce Hydro Flask assortment is the AquaGear Filter Straw Cap. This includes an initiated coconut carbon channel to your Hydro Flask, which is successful at expelling faucet water contaminants and synthetic concoctions, for example, chlorine, fluoride, mercury, lead, substantial metals and other conceivably undesirable contaminants. We completed a total article on the AquaGear which you can peruse here.


In case you’re searching for something similar to a straw for your tight/standard-mouth Hydro Flask, view the Hydro Flask Sport Cap (~$9.99 on It is certainly not equivalent to the Straw Lid, yet it gives simple access.One downside to the Straw Lid is that the straw can be to some degree hard to clean, particularly the upper mouthpiece. The inward straw is separable, yet the mouthpiece can be somewhat difficult to get totally spotless because of the moving parts. Make certain to scour well!

Hydro Flask Flip Lid Accessory

Flip Lid

Should you need a simple access top yet aren’t keen on a straw top, look at the Wide Mouth Flip Lid (~$4.95 on Generously less expensive than the Straw Lid, the Flip Lid is essential: only a little zone which flips open or shut to let whatever is in your Hydro Flask stream in or out.

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