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Hydro Flask Handle Accessories

The most straightforward type of handle is the great JugLug (~$8 for 2 on The JugLug is a quite basic handle: made of a bit of rubbery-plastic, it is in a bad way under the top on the Hydro Flask and gives a convenient conveying arrangement. Exceptionally straightforward, yet powerful, the JugLug is an incredibly well known extra. Be that as it may, at $8, I discover it somewhat expensive thinking of it as is only a flimsy bit of plastic. In any case, you do get two of them in each pack, which is convenient.

The JugLug is shockingly tough under ordinary use, yet it will wear out after expanded periods, particularly on the off chance that you hold up a full Hydro Flask a great deal. JugLug’s can fit 18oz-64oz Hydro Flask’s, or bottles with comparative extents. Having two to a bundle is either a decent lift on the off chance that you have numerous jugs that can utilize them, or somewhat of a pointless reward on the off chance that you extremely just need one. On the off chance that you extremely simply need a solitary handle, there is another offering from JugLug that may be more your style.


JugLug Pivot Hydro Flask Handle

The JugLug Pivot

An undisputed top choice is the JugLug’s older sibling, the JugLug Pivot (~$10 on While in a manner utilizing a similar fundamental plan of the great JugLug, the JugLug Pivot is an out and out significantly more durable handle built from a strong plastic. It gives you a firm hold on your Hydro Flask, and as the name infers, can turn around unreservedly. At about $10, it is just barely more costly than the significantly more inexpensively developed great JugLug.


JugLug will in general have the market entirely very much sewn up on most Hydro Flask handles. It is truly uncommon to see anybody with some other kind of handle out in the wild (at any rate where I live.) However, there are a couple of slick choices, similar to this next one.

Paracord Handle for Hydro Flask

Paracord Hydro Flask Handle

Imagine a scenario where your handle couldn’t just convey your water container, yet perhaps even spare your life. (Ha!) Well, ideally it will never need to, yet in principle it could. This Paracord Water Bottle Holder (~$17 on is produced using genuine 550 + 350 paracord. Paracord can be exceptionally helpful in an outside or survival circumstance. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you never loosen up the paracord (which the majority of us presumably won’t,) this is an incredible water container handle. It is incredibly strudy with negligible movement of the jug, making it a perfect alternative for climbing or conveying your container for broadened periods. In addition, it is difficult to get considerably more strong than paracord!


Likewise included is a metal ring to secure it on, and a carabiner for simple connection to belt clasp, rucksacks and the sky is the limit from there.

6:Hydro Flask Sleeve Accessories

Sleeves are a slick method to add a touch of distinction to your Hydro Flask by giving it an absolute make over. Silicone sleeves like the Onoola (~$15 on are accessible in a wide assortment of sizes and hues. These accompany the additional advantage of keeping your Hydro Flask perfect under the sleeve, in addition to making it look flawless and one of a kind.


Onoola and a couple of contenders make an assortment of silicone sleeves for Hydro Flasks, yet other than that there is certainly not a ton in the sleeve office in the manner Onoola’s items may cause you to envision. Rather, the other sort of Hydro Flask sleeve takes us to another offering from JugLug.

The JugLug Sleeve/Pouch (~$17 on more takes after a kind of pack for your Hydro Flask than it completes a perfectly sized sleeve adornment like the silicone contributions above. Notwithstanding, it is perfectly sized, and gives an amazingly padded ride to your Hydro Flask, notwithstanding giving an overly valuable handle, lash, or sling, contingent upon how you use it. The model appeared here is for 40 ounce Hydro Flasks, however it is accessible in different sizes too.


We investigated the JugLug Sleeve/Pouch and some comparative things in our component “Water Bottle Holders: Everything You Need To Know.”

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